Be a Master in Cleaning Drum Brakes of Your Vehicle

Proper care is essential for every part of a car, as every piece has its importance. And when it comes to a drum brake, the importance of drum brakes maintenance periodically helps your vehicle braking performance do well.

Here are some steps below to make you learn how to clean the Drum brakes of a vehicle.

Due to continuous usage, a cake of debris and grime layers the surface of the drum brakes. An unwanted grinding noise may come from the car when the brake is applied. Such symptoms lead to the need for cleaning and maintaining the car braking system.

Step 1: Drain the brake fluid

The first step says to bleed off one half of the brake fluid from the master cylinder. Dispose of the old brake fluid correctly and replace the drained fluid with the new brake fluid. You must check the local state and city guidelines related to the disposing of the oil.

Step 2: Take the wheels out

We all know about this step; it is the same as if you are changing a tire. By using a lug wrench, loosen the lugs a bit. Place a jack stand after lifting the vehicle a little, finish taking the lugs off, and remove the wheels.

Step 3: Remove the drum brake

For front-wheel-drive cars, take off the bearing cap and wheel bearing before you can remove the brake. After this task is finished, take off the brake drum. For rear-wheel-drive vehicles, as once the wheel is removed, you have direct access to the drum and can slip it off quickly. Drum Brake cleaning periodically is essential to maintain the vehicle.

Step 4: Clean the drum

Wipe the debris and other drum brake components with denatured alcohol or premium quality brake cleaner purchased from the market. Otherwise, you can also use simple soap and water to remove dirt specks on the drum brakes.

Step 5: Reinstall the component in reverse order

Apply lubricant wherever metal to metal comes in contact, such as the part at the shoe slides. Now you are all set, you may move on putting on the reverse order on the drum and wheel.

These brake maintenance tips will surely help you clean the drum brakes and make your brake system perform well.