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Book a Car Detailing Service from the Ragilly: Onestop Doorstep Service Centre in your City

Ragilly is a revolution in the world of car services centers across the city. Based in Kolkata, the Ragilly, the one-stop car service center, endeavors to spread the regular car servicing culture amongst the affluent car owners in Kolkata. And you will be surprised to know that Ragilly not only provides car washing services but does a lot beyond your expectations.

Moreover, we provide professional experts who diagnose the problems correctly and use the best car maintenance solution. We always keep our commitment to meet the customer’s satisfaction mark about both quality and delivering on time.

Here are some points to understand about the importance of car detailing services:

What is car detailing services?

Car restoring or detailing is a technique to make your vehicle look good, just like it is newly purchased, more effectively, and safely. It is much more than car washing, precise, labor-intensive, which a simple car wash cannot do.

Professional car maintenance is divided into two types, which are typically included in car detailing services:

  • Exterior detailing services
  • Interior detailing services

Exterior Car Detailing Services Includes

  • Exterior Wash and Dry- This is done manually; the detailer uses spray to wash the car pressure washer and wipe down the car’s body with products of the rim, door handles, and car glasses.
  • Paint Claying- A clay bar is used to remove the contaminants after washing the car. It gives an excellent polish, smoothing the surfaces, and increases the polishes’ effectiveness.
  • Car Polishing- Helps remove the small scratches and swirls from the surfaces of the car and removes short layers of the clear coat by using scratch removers.
  • Sealing or Waxing- To give the car a shiny look, waxing is done to prevent the vehicle’s polish texture, a sealant is applied.

The Importance of Car Interior Cleaning:

  • Vacuuming- To clean the seats, rear cargo area, mats, trunk, a good vacuuming is done to clean the debris.
  • Scrubbing and Brushing- To remove the stains from the floor carpet and the mats, this process is applied to clean the interior s of the car. Leather trimming is done to clean any if any leathers used in the vehicle.
  • Glass Cleaning- Cleaning of the windshield is done by using quality glass cleaner and sprays. Perfuming is done after cleaning the entire car’s interior part to make it smell nice and look good.

Additional detailing of the car also depends on the vehicle’s conditions, which includes; Paint correction, ceramic coating, and PPF (Paint protection correction).

How is it different from simple car washing services?

  • Car detailing services include cleaning or restoring the vehicle from the interior to exterior parts, including cleaning of the scratch marks or swirls. It makes the car look brand new as it did when you first drove the car out of the showroom.
  • Whereas a simple car wash only cleans the car’s outer surface, which is generally done manually by using soaps, bristles, and water to clean the exterior only. It costs less than car detailing but not so useful.
  • Car detailing services costs a little higher than car washing, but it extends the vehicle’s life, makes it visually appealing, and lots more.
  • Car washing can be done within 10-15 minutes, while car detailing takes a minimum of 2 hours if done by professional experts and from a premium automobile service center. And if done by Ragilly, it comes at a significantly lower price, and the service is unforgettable.

How often clean a car by ecofriendly Car Washing

You can go for detailing twice a year to make your car look good and shiny. The more often you take your vehicle for car detailing, the newer your vehicle will look, increasing its life span and will also save your money from more significant losses ahead.

So to avail the best car services in tour city, book car detailing services from Ragilly, the doorstep car servicing center, no pick-up-drop headaches, deliver your vehicle on time and at your given destination.