Get your car started in 5 mins by following these steps

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Lockdown – A necessary step in our fight against covid-19 has its own complications. In the Unlock 1 phase, we are allowed to resume our day to day office work but avoiding public transport is the best thing to do right now. Now a days, there are worries among the car owners that their car probably won’t start as it remained unused for a long time. The most common cause being dead battery or inflated tyres.

Thus, here we bring to you the tips which you can use to restart your car:

Check Car’s Engine Oil: Before attempting to begin your vehicle, check it for oil spillages. Likewise, check if the oil level of the motor and increment it whenever required.

Attempt Jump-starting Car – Its by far the most probable cause. Not being used for over 2 months takes its toll and battery is dead. Its advisable not to try starting car after 2 failed attempts. That might do more harm than good. You can get it started by using external battery or you can book a car start package with us for Rs. 500

Check tires for air pressure – The vehicle’s tires are helpless against lose air after some time, in this manner it is basic that you check if the tires are appropriately expanded for a smooth drive.

Also, applying the previously mentioned tips make sure to drive securely as because of the lockdown, it may take you a piece to set your hands again on the directing wheel. In this way, drive securely by keeping the traffic rules.