Doorstep Car Fluid Leakage Maintenance By Ragilly

Doorstep Car Fluid Leakage Maintenance By Ragilly: The Online Servicing Center

In all automobile vehicles, the key component that helps to run your vehicle smoothly on the road is the car fluid. You have noticed before that after parking your car for some time in the parking zone or your garage, some liquid has fallen underneath the vehicle. This occurs when your vehicle is facing engine oil leakage or fluid leakage. This article delves into the causes, effects, and ways to get out of such leakage problems.

  • If the liquid underneath your car is yellow, pink, or green, that means it is an anti-freeze liquid.
  • A thin red and brown color liquid indicates a Steering fluid leak in the car’s front portion.
  • A small and odorless liquid is found around the car, indicating that your vehicle has a water leakage problem.
  • If you notice an oily patch around the car’s wheel with a brown color fluid, it may indicate that you have brake fluid leakage.


Some Tips to Inspect the Car Oil Level

The engine components play a crucial role, which simultaneously works when your car is in motion. A lot of friction occurs in the engine components due to the movement of your vehicle. Engine oil acts as a lubricant to reduce friction; among all the parts of the engine. It helps to run your vehicle seamlessly on the road and also extends the lifespan of the car.

Ragilly, the car servicing in Kolkata, recommends changing the oil, using premium quality oil every five months or every 5,000 miles to avoid.


Several Factors May Cause Engine Leakage

When you drive on rough roads, the oil is poured into the gasket, and the oil pan tends to damage the gasket, which leads to fluid leakage from the oil pan.

The engine oil leakage also happens when the oil pan and gaskets are fitted tightly. The oil filter is fitted loosely, causing the oil to leak as it flows into the car engine. Defective valve seals can also lead to oil leakage. Remember, oil leakage not only happens when your car is parked anywhere, but it also occurs when the vehicle is in motion, causing a lot of damage to the engine.



An oil leak can damage the engine components if not detected on time. It can cause the overhauling of the engine too. The best way to avoid fluid leakage is to take your car for regular inspection, and weekly servicing can also help you out from the problem. Ensure to get the oil changed more often, or you can also opt for the Ragilly offers engine oil leakage service, as we can do all of the above at a pocket-friendly rate.