My Car Paint is Peeling.

How to fix it?

My Car Paint is Peeling. How to fix it?

Our cars are one of the most trusted companions in which we spend a significant amount of time in our daily life. So, it is our responsibility to take care of it to its fullest. But, may a time, the issues arising such as paint peeling, paint flaking cause serious trouble and eat a lot of money as well. So, in this blog, we will discuss- what are the causes of paint peeling and flaking.

To get an idea about how these car paint issues pop up, we need to understand the basic car painting process and its stages.

Stages of Car Painting Process

Painting a car involves numerous stages in the process. It begins from setting up the surface to touching up the finishing layer. The three layers of paint lines up in the painting process of cars is as follows,

  • Undercoat (primer)
  • Base Coast
  • Clear Coat

The primer coat is the first and important paint layer. The undercoat prepares the surface, ready to give the required grip for the other coats coming over the layer. Also, this primary layer protects the surface from other material damages that may occur due to atmospheric reactions.

The base coat applies over the primer, and it gives the real shade of the car. Generally, it could be metallic, solid, or pearlescent shades. The final coat is the clear coat that gives the finishing glossy touch. This is, in fact, a protective coat that covers the characteristic color of the vehicle and fends off UV rays from damaging the paint.

However, though the car’s painting is done with such protective measures and processes, there are chances of getting delaminate from the surface.

What are the reasons behind the paint delamination on cars?

Paint delamination is the process of separating off from the paint surface or paint layers. It may occur slowly, layer-by-layer, or often quickly. The main causes of delamination are the poor preparation of painted surfaces, uneven painting of a single or multiple coats, and the uneven metal surface of the car.

In addition, there are chances of delamination if the paint seal breaks by a dent or break. This is because, when the paint seal breaks, moisture content seep into the layers and rust the surface. Following the rusting, the bonding strength of the layers will reduce and delaminate.  Besides, while servicing our cars using high-pressure washing equipment, there is a chance to peel the paint layers.

How to repair car paint delamination?

To get a solution to paint delamination or paint peeling, we need to understand the severity of the condition. As in the saying,” a timely stitch saves nine,” finding the issues early or at the instant will help to resolve it at its starting point. A minor scratch or break could be repaired easily by touching it up.

However, based on the size and the scale of damage, the range of repair varies. If it is a large peel, you need to scratch off the surface and repaint the entire affected and surrounded area. Ultimately, instead of making unwise decisions with our limited knowledge, it is always recommended to reach out to an expert car paint workshop to get the right direction.

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