Quick tips for troubleshooting a car that won’t start


We all are the everyday victims of our workday morning rush. So many things to sort out from grooming our children to school to preparing everything for the whole day! Then, what if your car refuses to start when you are racing with time? Isn’t it exhausting? And this situation can arise over anytime in our daily. The reasons may vary according to the trouble. Sometimes it would be a fixable issue but we can’t predict the complexity.

So here are some quick tips for troubleshooting a car that doesn’t start, check it our;

Check the Battery Health

Around half of the vehicles, owners are battling with power loss problems more often. However, more of the time it is found that there were no serious battery health issues, but the feeble issues with the cables and improper maintenance cause the trouble.

So always check you battery peripherals before giving a tough judgment

  1. Check whether the battery cables are clamped properly on the terminals.
  2. Check the connection are mounted to the respective points properly
  3. Check whether the terminals are got rusted or corroded. (if yes, clean it and mount it back and try starting your car)
  4. Tighten the clamps if it is loosely connected.

Carry out these quick inspections before delve deep into any other issues. Your problem may be resolved at this very point quite easily.

Give a Warm-Up

Your car engine may not be ready for a jump all the time. Sometimes it lies awaken and other times it feels so sleepy. By the way, climatic conditions take their toll over the vehicle’s morning performance.

Nothing to worry about this in fact. All you need to do is just turn the key quite a number of times. Let’s take it like 8 times as a number.

This process is also popular as “cycling the key” which implies keep turning the key from the “off” to “start”. And it will warm up the car starter, battery, and terminals and provides a smooth drive.

There are few things to remember while you do cycling of key:

  1. Repeat the process number of time and continue it till your luck appears
  2. Do not try to start the engine right after cycling, please wait for a few moments.

Shift to Neutral:

Shifting used to help a lot of people when their vehicle refuses to start at times. It is not an assured method yet much time this shifting method worked wonders for people. As you know how to shift the gear, this trick is as easy as it is. Kick the brake and shift to “Neutral”. Try to start the engine with all your gut. Your car should start at this point. Yet, don’t worry, it still hesitates to start just shift to “park” try to start it again. It will work for sure (most probably)

It is because this shifting process revives the connections and contact inside the transmission.

In short, if this trick works well you are lucky. Yet, it is not sure that it will work always. Hence, reach an auto care specialist to have a quick diagnosis.  It is better to consult them at periodic intervals.