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Your car is a place where you spend your time away from your life worries and such a place should be clean. Getting your car cleaned and detailed every once in a while ensures that you have a pleasant driving experience. It also minimizes the risk of harmful bacteria formation that may occur due to dirty interiors. Getting your car cleaned and detailed periodically also increases the chances of you getting a better value of your car in the second-hand car market.

You should get your car washed and cleaned every week. It also depends upon your usage. If you’re driving your car in muddy conditions, especially after a rainfall, you should get your car washed as soon as possible, otherwise, it may leave a permanent mark or damage to your car’s body.

You don’t need to worry about dropping in your car at a workshop at all. With Ragilly, you get both doorstep and pickup facilities. Depending upon your choice of package for car wash, Ragilly will provide you with a doorstep car washing or a free pickup and drop of your car for a workshop car wash. You can relax at your home or carry on with your daily routine while Ragilly will take care of your car.

With Ragilly, you get expert mechanics working on your car with industry-grade equipment, and genuine spare parts and accessories. You also get a subscription-based package in which Ragilly will provide 4 washes per month, a weekly car spa at your home, and a hassle-free experience so that you enjoy a pleasant ride.

Car washing service at Ragilly comes with exterior cleaning with foam wash, interior cleaning with a vacuum, exterior waxing and paint protection, dashboard and console cleaning and polishing, and tyre and rim dressing. At Ragilly, we use the best products for your car with expertise.

At Ragilly, we have a wide range of products that you can choose from. You can choose from 3M, Waxpol, Sheeba, and much more. Suiting your budget and your requirements, you can choose from this wide range. Rest assured, Ragilly will use 100% genuine products on your car for a long-lasting effect and the best protection for your car parts.

At a nominal cost of Rs. 999 a month, you can relax while Ragilly takes care of your car’s cleanliness which includes 4 car washes and a weekly car spa at your home. You can choose from a doorstep service or a pick and drop service at your convenience.

Our Washing Service Include

Exterior clean with foam

Interior clean with vacuum cleaner

Exterior waxing & paint protect

Dashboard & console clean and polish

Tyre and rim dressing

Subscribe to Ragilly @999/month

Get 4 washes in a month

Weekly Car Spa at your home

Hassle free washing while you relax