Mobile car valeting Service

by Ragilly

Services offered by mobile car valeting service provider at your Doorstep in Kolkata

The discovery of wheels is no doubt the second best invention by mankind after the fire. In course of time wheels were modified into carts and finally into cars. At present, a personal car is a priceless possession. However, keeping your car at the pink of its health is of utmost necessity. This is the reason car detailing, washing and servicing are required at least at the weekends.

Now imagine you are the host of a weekend party at your home and you have no time since morning to pay attention to your car. Worry not. You can simply place a call to Ragilly. Their technicians will visit your home and will shoulder all your car washing, detailing and servicing worries. How? Read on to know more.

People in search of mobile car wash service providers can trust Ragilly ( Being a mobile car valeting agency their certified professionals are dedicated to bringing the best doorstep car servicing. Among the various car cleaning services, the most noteworthy are the following.

Leather and washing service

In this service, the professionals will use wax shampoo and wash the car with hands. Besides, they will also clean the leather attachments of the interior of the car. The experts are also capable of cleaning the wheels of the car and can also dress the tires and the mud flaps.

Now imagine you find your car’s floor mat or seat cover to be torn and shattered, or any other spare parts is malfunctioning and it’s high time you buy a new one. Don’t worry. There’s no need to rush to the market at once. All you need to do is convey your problem to the workers of Ragilly. They will immediately arrange a brand new floor mat for your car’s interior. This is possible because of Ragilly and VP1 work hand in hand, they are the two faces of a single coin. The former one is a car detailing service provider and the later one is a car detailing supplies provider. Along with that, you can find any car accessories at VP1.

Exterior car polishing service

Exterior car polishing and waxing is another mention worthy service offered by Ragilly. This service includes outside broad cleaning of the car along with hand polishing of the body. This is done with the use of five distinct types of wax depending on the type of paint used in the body of the car. Moreover, the service providers will also clean the exterior vinyl surface of your car using a plastic dressing.

Freshen up your car’s interior

To freshen up your car’s interior the service that you need the most is a mini valet. In this service, the admitted cleaners will deal with the interior of the car which includes the carpet, seats, mats, etc. Mobile car washing companies use special machines and the professionals have more experience in cleaning the car. You can also ask the cleaners to clean the window from both inside and outside. Moreover, they will also empty and clean the ashtray. As an extra service, they will dress the door trims and the dashboard of the car with a vinyl dressing.

Cleaning the car’s engine

This is another special and important service that is offered by a mobile car wash company like Ragilly. The engine of the car and its various compartments are washed and cleaned by the professionals. Engine lacquer is used to treat the engine. The engine hoses and the rubbers are cleaned properly by this kind of service.

A Noteworthy Approach by Ragilly

To conclude, Ragilly has highly qualified manpower working in the team. To grow this team further, they have established a training center in Kolkata. They are absorbing fresh talents in this recession market and providing them training on the tit-bits of car cleaning, detailing and servicing, and making them professional technicians. So, help Ragilly to grow their team, and avail the services provided by them.

So, what are you waiting for? Just give Ragilly a call and keep your car cleaning and servicing worries at bay. They will get your car back to its initial form without creating a hole in your pocket.