What are the elements of supreme car cleaning?

The job of car cleaning service providers is not easy as they have to consider various aspects to give you the cleanest car possible. A clean car isn’t ‘clean’ only on surfaces but also in internal areas like car OBD 2 and 1, engine, ignition coils, oil tank, etc. Some even provide roadside assistance. To know more, take a glance at the elements that make car cleaning ‘perfect’.

car cleaning service

1. Water

Water hardness is one of the major factors that affect the cleanliness of any substance, including a car. The more the amount of calcium and magnesium in water, the harder it is. It is also affected by the number of TDS (total dissolved solids) in it. For the perfect cleaning, the TDS content in water must not be more than 20-30 parts per million (ppm).

2. Chemical and Mechanical Action

Chemicals are of two types- alkaline and acidic and impact car cleaning to a great extent. Both serve different purposes, where alkaline chemical cleaners remove organic soils, acidic ones clean inorganic soils. Hence, the usage of correct chemicals with proper dilution is prominent for the best cleaning. If it would be too diluted, it won’t give the required result and if it’s thick, it would damage the car surface.

Mechanical Action refers to any driving force that is used to clean the surface of vehicles, be it friction or high-pressure water. There are various types of frictional cleaners available, like mittens, brushes, wraps, etc. The better friction they provide, the better cleaning you get.

3. Temperature

Temperature is yet another crucial factor for car cleaning. One has to consider the temperature of the car interior, outer surface, and the chemical used. It’s not an easy job to control the temperature of a car’s interior and proper cooling agents are required to be applied on the car’s surface. The temperature of the solution used is also equally significant so that it doesn’t damage any part of the car, be it door, glass, engine, car OBD 2 or 1, etc.

4. Dwell Time

Dwell time is the amount of time that the cleaning solutions need to stay on surfaces to completely disinfect them. It is undoubtedly pivotal for a perfect cleaning. You just can’t rub with your cleaning solution and expect the car to be cleaned properly. It’s all the way more important in touch-free cleaning. Dwell time enhances the efficiency of your detergents that eventually leads to a solid interaction between the solution and the dirt and hence, intense cleaning.


If you possess even little knowledge about car parts, you can do the car diagnostic at home itself but if you want an overhauling and intense cleaning, you need to search for the best car cleaning service providers in your city. Ragilly, with a huge network, provides the best and doorstep car cleaning service in Kolkata at an affordable price.